Resysten cooperation with MTK Budapest football club

We were deeply honoured last week, as Hungary’s oldest football club, a 23-time champion and 12-time cup winner MTK Budapest FC, has opted for Resysten® coating system to ensure the highest level of hygienic protection while fighting the Epidemic. Since the beginning of the 20th century, MTK being one of the biggest clubs in Budapest, has always played a key role in Hungarian football and from now on they are playing an important role in the life of Resysten Hungary Ltd. as well. We appreciate their vote of confidence.


Service with Resysten® coating on the critical surfaces of facilities used by the MTK Budapest football team

In times of epidemic, it is extremely important to use all available prevention tools avaiable. According to experts, the rapid spread of the coronavirus is partly due to the survival and transmission of the pathogen on inanimate surfaces. The physical and microbiological quality of the environment provided for sports can be blamed for, among other things, lower performance, absence due to illness, confrontations due to poorer well-being, and the development of other diseases of athletes. The illness has a direct economic impact on the club as the player’s international cup, his loss from league matches and the possible defeat of the reserve team as a result, can have a significant impact on the budget. Undesirable effects can be caused by several factors that physically affect athletes, such as the cleanliness of the surfaces often affected, the quality of the air as well.

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