We renew deal with Budapest Airport to protect security trays with
Anti-Covid coating

Resysten, a company that manufactures an antimicrobial coating that protects surfaces from the spread of Covid-19 and other pathogens for up to 12 months, has renewed its existing deal with Budapest International Airport to protect over 2,000 security trays currently in use. The company was first hired for the same services a year ago. Security trays at airports, which studies have found to carry more germs and viruses than the average toilet seat, saw a 99.6% reduction in contamination following thorough ATP testing after 90 days. Resysten guarantees the effectiveness of the product for up to a year.


TREATED: Security trays

In 2020 we treated with Resysten® photocatalytic hygiene coating one of the riskiest items of Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, passenger security trays. The airport handles 40.000 passengers on an average day.

The reduction of biological contamination

ATP RLU Results

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