Hygienic protection in Audi Hungaria Zrt.

Our coating has a role to play in reducing the drastic rate of workplace infections in the industrial sector, including Audi Hungária Zrt., And its social perception is very positive. A solution to a serious sectoral problem, a measure to improve the quality of life, which is also important for the safety of the work environment. (EU-OSHA Directive 89/391). Worker protection is increased, lost working time is reduced, the coating makes the ambient air in the room healthier, reduces the chances of developing SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).


TREATED: Critical surfaces in staff rooms, bathrooms

At the request of the Audi Hungaria Zrt. we treated with Resysten® the bathrooms and staff rooms. The graph clearly shows the hygiene condition before and after the treatment. Our coating exceeded expectations, and the odors have disappeared.

The reduction of biological contamination

ATP RLU Results

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